Reinstall of windows apps

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Is it possible to reinstall apps removed during OSD task sequence? Windows Store is not available.

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Do you mean UWP apps ? (apps that are typically installed through the store)
Yes. For example Windows Photos
One method to do that would be using PowerShell cmdlet (like Add-AppxPackage). You will need the Appx package for that. That can be obtained through Microsoft Store for Business.

Is there any way to get the Appx package from an existing machine that has the app installed?  I am not familiar with the Microsoft Store for Business and will need to look into it.  Can I mass deploy the App using SCCM?  I have not been able to find any documentation on this.  Thanks.

You can find the appx files on the machine, however, I personally have never tried to use those to install on other machines. I can't say if it's even recommended\supported. I would say that you can try in a test environment and see if that works for you.

As for the SCCM part, here's a good blog post about that :