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Question on Win10 Upgrade TS Deployment, Compatability Scan for mass computers ..

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When deploying Windows 10 Upgrade as a task sequence, What is an easy way to scan a set of computers for compatibility before a task sequence upgrade deployment? The error codes listed here are a lot to sort through

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Hi Marc,


I appreciate the response but uploading telemetry data that relies on OMS to process it isn't an option for us right now.


We are looking for something we can run from SCCM CB that will give us the kind of compatability reports pre-Win10 Upgrade deployment on readiness of our systems.


Do you have another suggestion that does not require OMS or uploading telemetry data from our organization ?

In that case, you can use the /Compat ScanOnly option of setup.exe:


This will give you some indication as to wheter you will run into a compat issue when you run setup.exe. You can also use to check if there are known compat issues on a specific app.

Thanks for the info Marc. I'll see how far I can get with that. Specifically on the first deployment tests I found the hard stop error - Compatibility issues found (hard block):  0xC1900208.

I'll have to dig in further to understand what the specific cause of this is.

Yes. At that point in time you want to check your Panther folder. setupact.log as well as the *_APPRAISER_* files should give you a hint about what's going wrong. The other option would be to run setup.exe in non-unattended mode, that way you will get a report directly in the UI.