Push button Reset does not work in LTSC 2019

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I have created an image for deployment LTSC 2019

The PPKG and autounattend work fine, the image system joins the domain

and an AD user can login but the system cannot activate.

Push button reset does not work.

settings/updates security/recovery/reset pc

remove everything

keep provisioning package

just remove my files


system collect data


reset begins

at ~49% status indicator jumps to 60% then progresses to ~95%

at this point the system performs a rollback and boots into recovery.

I select start windows and the login screen appears, a message appears on the desktop

Reset pc failed.


I performed a clean install of the OS from the MS supplied ISO, attempted reset pc using the steps above but again the reset failed.


I looked at the reagent.xml file and compared this with the information for the restore partion and volume GUID's everything looks right.

Looks like reset pc does not work in LTSC 2019

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@grunzer I know this is an old thread but...

I am working on this same problem and am finding the exact same thing. I have tried out of Box, as well as following the device manufacturing process here (which works on non ltsc) https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/manufacture/desktop/prepare-recovery-tools

Just wondering if you got anywhere.

After windows update It can work.@Adam Berns