My games are always flagged by Windows Defender


Hello, I own the indie game studio X1 Games. However, all of my current titles are being flagged by windows defender, because of an unknown publisher, and for other unknown reasons. How do I get Windows Defender to stop panicking about myself- do I need to become a "publisher", and if so, how?


Thanks in advance!

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You could do this and report it as safe. I think there is ways of disabling the user action panel from showing for all or you can just press run anyway. Best if you coudl contact ms support about this. 


I don't know for sure. 


Hope taht helps :) 



Hi Lewisjet, I think you need to get a digital certifciate for Windows and sign it to the install file, when you right click a application and look at the signatures, it should say something.

I think you need to contact Microsoft on how to get this signature and how to sign it.

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