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Hello all, 

i've some problems deploying the BlockedUrlException Policy via WCD.

First of all the WCD from the MS Store is not updated and does not have the Kiosk Browser Policies at all.

Using the updated WCD from ADK we find these new features.


All other policies are working well and the Kiosk Browser is quite handy. The only (but very important) policy that is not working is the BlockedUrlException one.

it works only with a single URL. when you try to add another allowed URL it stops working correctly.

It should be simply a separator between the urls issue. 

I've altready tried everything. Really.:,,;;

"" ""


'' ''


||||||| |


Any ideas? it's a bug?

thank you.


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@Paolo Heuer 


I'm sure you've long since solved this, but in case anyone else has the question.


To configure multiple URLs for Blocked URL Exceptions or Blocked URLs in Windows Configuration Designer:

  1. Create the provisioning package. When ready to export, close the project in Windows Configuration Designer.
  2. Open the customizations.xml file in the project folder (e.g C:\Users\name\Documents\Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (WICD)\Project_18).
  3. Insert the null character string in between each URL (e.g
  4. Save the XML file.
  5. Open the project again in Windows Configuration Designer.
  6. Export the package. Ensure you do not revisit the created policies under Kiosk Browser or else the null character will be removed.