Info on the Language Packs and the Local eXperience Packs




What is the difference between the iso files that contain the Language Packs and the Local eXperience Packs?

Could you please tell me the names of these iso files for Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 32 bit and 64 bit?





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Language packs for Windows

Add languages to Windows images

ISO files have a specific language code such as en-us, zh-ch etc.
the rest of the languages packs can be added to Windows using those 2 methods I linked above.



Since the MVS iso of the IOT edition of Windows 10 20H2 is only English, what language pack should I use in order to create a fully Italian IOT iso?


To add a language to Windows PE/RE, what language pack should I use?





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the guide is in the link above:

in that page if you click on the available languages, you will go to this page:

You'll find Italian in that table
Italian (Italy) it-IT 0x0410 1040

Keyboard Identifiers and Input Method Editors for Windows

Default Input Profiles (Input Locales) in Windows

Italian/Italy is available in all of them