Feature Update, Skip a Build with CBB

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Assuming two releases per year (e.g., xx03 and xx09), is it possible to deploy one release per year to Windows 10 Enterprise via WSUS? (i.e., always deploy the xx03 version directly without having to deploy xx09 first)

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yes, you could just approve the Windows 10 Enterprise Edition Feature Update you want to install via WSUS.  Each release is supported for 18 months, so make sure you give yourself enough time to install the update and still be supported across your entire PC fleet.

Note that you would only have six months to complete the deployment, so if you don't think you can complete a full deploying within that timeframe, don't skip :)

As long as you are fast enough to test and deploy everything in the 6 month you have until you run out of support, technically this will work, but I would not recommend this

Can you expand on this?


If we are using CM to deploy CBB updates, what happens six months after the release? Will we no longer be able to deploy that release of CBB, just the latest CBB release that would have just came out?

As I read the original poster's question, I assumed one of the reasons he was asking was because deployment velocity could be an issue for him?


I would suggest looking at LTSB as an option if your organization is unable to support the rapid turnaround required of CB/CBB.

It's more the specific release cadence than the velocity that is the trouble for us. We're a university, so having a release around September is a nightmare and would require updating everything over Christmas. A release around March means we can upgrade over the summer.

We're still considering whether or not LTSB will be a good option for us, but the potential for unsupported silicon as well as the lack of Store apps are causing caution.