AMA Question: Deployment Dashboard- Face of Intune Possibly

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As Microsoft hasn't settled on their environment yet, Intune, MDM, Dashboards, O365 integration, legacy deployment tools... we havent spent too much time paying attention to the everchanging envionrment.


What we want to see is a much more mature and obvious interface for handling the bulk of deployment requirements without having to get into deep configurations and understandings.


For example:

Core configuration applies to all devices.

Configuration that applies to individuals

Configuration that applies to specific device types.

Software installations personal store / corporate store / win32 apps

Then Policys as they relate to those apps

Windows settings and security for install/updates, etcc.

Printer support.

Azure AD exposure, Azure AD Print Servers


All of this from a VERY simple and fully integrated dashboard.  Ease of use with maturity in the most commmon of deployments..


This type of thing seems to be missing.

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Intune continues to add a lot of features around this.  For example, the new Intune for Education tries to do this for the things that schools care about.  And Office 365 integrates with Intune for a single-portal management/configuration portal.


So you believe that a link in O365 that launches the Intune portal speaks to ANYTHING I described above?

oh yeah and that fact that the intune portal doesn't support Edge??

What am I missing here, are we discussing how great Microsoft is and that they have done a wonderful job and everything is as it should be or are we trying to get to some sense of reality her in order to get some real functionality?

If you are suggesting the O365 link does anything that I described I am all ears?