Adding Microsoft Store app retrospectively

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I have an issue whereas the AppX packages were removed in preperation for a Windows 10 image for version 1703. Subsequently down the line users are asking for applications from the Store but I cannot install them as they get an error "You'll need a new app to open this ms-windows-store" even when they are deployed using SCCM.

So I can't add the appx packages in Powershell because they were removed. Someone did suggest that I can use the "Windows 10 Inbox Apps" ISO to sort this out but 1703 has been removed from VLSC. The troubleshooting tool doesn't assist either. Is there any way of retrospectively adding them from the original Windows 10 1703 ISO ? (while I work on a new image !)

Anybody any suggestions on how to resolve this please ?


Thanks !


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Have you tried running WSRESET from an elevated Command Prompt?