1703 Something went wrong - local administrator account is disabled.

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Something went wrong

I'm using SCCM 5.00.8498.1700 to deploy windows 10 1703 to a domain.
Each deployment at first logon says "something went wrong".
After that I can click try again, or cancel and next it appears to do an update check.

I understand this might be part of the new OOBE. I've tried to disable all of that with this section of the answer file:

From what I've read this is caused by having the built in local administrator account disable (or if you set the password).
But doing so is part of our GPO's and part of the Windows 10 TH2 Security Baseline.

I feel this area may need some work. Care to comment?

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We are investigating that issue.  It appears with some UAC policies applied, OOBE gets tripped up when trying to prompt for elevation when there's no way for a user to respond to that prompt.


How are people getting around this issue, as we know the SkipMachineOOBE & SkipUserOOBE are depricated, and most of us are using the security baseline GPO's - this is quite frustrating.

Did you get any resolution to it yet?

Did you find the cause of it?