Scripts updated in MDT 2008 Update 1
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First published on TechNet on Oct 01, 2008

A few people have asked about the script updates that were made in MDT 2008 Update 1.  Here's the quick summary listing all the scripts that were modified in MDT 2008 Update 1 and a very brief description of the changes made to each:

  • DeployWiz_Definition_ENU.xml. If the deployment type is blank, show the deployment type wizard pane even if directed to skip it.
  • DeployWiz_Initialization.vbs. Better handle task sequences that reference OSes that no longer exist.  For new computers, filter out task sequences that aren't for the current architecture of Windows PE.  Don't display the application selection pane if there are no "Install Application" steps in the task sequence.
  • DeployWiz_Validation.vbs. Preserve the preconfigured DeploymentType value while clicking through task sequences.
  • LiteTouch.wsf. Add hooks for the LTI OEM preloading process.  Send proper "beginning" events to the management pack.
  • LTIApply.wsf. Set the right image path, pointing to the locally-cached image, when performing multicast Windows Vista or Server 2008 deployments.
  • LTICleanup.wsf. Changes to support the LTI OEM preloading process.
  • LTISysprep.wsf. For Windows XP and Server 2003, set the local Administrator password to blank before running sysprep.
  • ZTIBackup.wsf. When capturing a Windows XP or Server 2003 image, remove the boot folder and bootmgr file so that they don't confuse ConfigMgr 2007 if the image is later used with ConfigMgr.
  • ZTIBcdUtility.vbs. Fixed a problem when running BCDEDIT on a non-English OS.  (See .)
  • ZTIDiskpart.wsf. Changes to support the LTI OEM preloading process (don't repartition and reformat the disk if the deployment point is on it).
  • ZTIDiskUtility.vbs. Use DiskIndex instead of Index when querying WMI for disk information.
  • ZTIGather.wsf. Fixed logic for setting SMSDP variable.  Modified computer name assignment logic so that logging and management pack behaviors are more consistent.
  • ZTIGather.xml. Added OSDComputerName property.  Fixed ADDSUserPassword to be ADDSPassword.
  • ZTIMediaHook.wsf. Added logic to wait for an advertisement after adding a new unknown computer.
  • ZTIMoveStateStore.wsf. If the "move" process fails, try to copy the state store directory.
  • ZTISCCM.wsf. Cache the MDT files package content even in Windows PE, as long as there is a place to put it, to avoid later network access issues.
  • ZTIStorageDrivers.wsf. Don't do anything when installing an image (only for unattended installs of Windows XP and Server 2003).  Use XCOPY to copy mass storage drivers, removing read-only attributes.  Remove "IDE CD-ROM" entry from unattend.txt that caused problems on non-English OSes.
  • ZTIStorageDriversSysprep.wsf. Fixed a variety of errors related to the processing of TXTSETUP.OEM files.  Added "hdc"-class drivers to the selection criteria.
  • ZTIUtility.vbs. Modified the management pack event file creation logic.  Changed the computer name assignment logic to be more consistent, especially during ConfigMgr deployments.  Properly build SQL connection strings when specifying named pipes and a port.
  • ZTIWindowsUpdate.wsf. Add logic to opt in to Microsoft Update.  Restore the original state of the Window Update Agent when done performing updates.

There are also two new scripts:

  • LTIOEM.wsf. Load a Lite Touch media deployment point onto the hard disk.
  • ZTIOEM.wsf. Save and restore needed task sequence variables to support the split two-part OEM task sequence templates.
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