My First Windows 10 Shim - Quicken 2017 on Build 15002
Published Aug 14 2018 04:21 PM 638 Views
First posted to MSDN on Jan, 14 2017

My luck finally ran out today - so far, I have had zero apps broken by Windows 10 build upgrades, but my streak ended today. Not surprisingly, it wasn't actually a problem with Windows 10 changing behavior, it was yet another hard coded version check. Quicken 2017 is looking for HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\NET Framework Setup\NDP\v4\Full for the Version value, and if that value is not exactly 4.6, then it pops an error message and refuses to run. Somewhat inconveniently, version numbers don't tend to remain the same forever on platform components, and the version number is now 4.7. It's super easy to fix - I just applied the VirtualRegistry shim to qw.exe with the following command line: ADDREDIRECT(HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\NET%20Framework%20Setup\NDP\v4\Full^HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\NET%20Framework%20Setup\NDP\v4\QuickenFull) Then, I exported the Full key, modified it to be the QuickenFull key with a text editor, then re-imported it. After re-importing, I modified the version number to change the 4.7.02020 to 4.6.02020, and the app now works just fine. Another hard coded version check defeated. (Of course, I reported this back to the team so we can get this fixed up in sysmain.sdb before the builds become more mainstream - this is an Insider build.) Perhaps someone needs to start a Kickstarter campaign to buy developers a ">" key for their keyboard?

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