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I just recently found out that Microsoft will not be releasing a 1803 or 1809 version of Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB /IOT, so the latest build version available is 1607.  If I deploy this today, instead of 10 years of support, I only get 8, by the time the next build version is available this will be 7 years support.

I now have to go back to my management team and explain that 10 years lifecycle is actually going to be more like 7.  Can I thus get a 30% discount on Enterprise licenses?

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We publicly announced a new LTSC version that will be released in Q3 calendar year 2018 - so the 1809 timeframe. Regarding support, we support LTSC for 5 years standard support+5 years extended support, from its release date, not necessarily your purchase date :)


Here's the blog that announced the LTSC 2018 release date/ Please keep in mind that we don't expect our customers to deploy LTSC as the mainstream OS, as its designed for specialty systems. So please keep that in mind. Here's the post:




I have also faced issue in windows 10 both display and audio driver are not working properly and I lost my documents in c drive