LTSB licensing for Professional Users: When?

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Dear Windows 10 AMA Engineer,


Windows 10 is posing issues about the unwanted upgrades and unwanted features. We can see the topic from different perspectives but it is not a secret on the web that one of the most desidered and nearly impossible to get access is an enterprise LTSB license.  Most firms actually implement only the enterprise licenses because the costs are much lower.

But at least the firms have that "LTSB" (fortcoming LTSC) choice, potentially.


However there is  a plethora of Professional Users that cannot afford to upgrade with the tight schedule of the Home/Pro/ licenses (also with the deferred upgrades) and do not want also risk at all any upgrade for a long, long time in order to follow the 1607 - 1803 - 1809 (or whatever WaaS sequence) but security upgrades or mandatory upgrades.

Also unnecessary programs, or features are not requested or wanted at such as Cortana, apps, etc.


Long story short: are there any plan to release a LTSB 'Workstation' for Professional Users, please?

Thank you!

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I fully agree : W10 is a great modern OS "per se", but the way it is proposed to end-users is completely inappropriate : lots of unwanted and un-useful "features" very boring to remove.
W10 LTSB/C is the bare OS I need and I am happy with it.

BUT : I got a limited time version by the windows insider program and I never found a way to buy some licences for my own use : I am just an almost normal end user and I was never able to obtain a legal licence.