Windows Server 2019 - Text-to-Speech language offline install

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Hi, i want to add Text-To-Speech feature for my language in offline mode. I installed full language pack, but I still don't have Speech language installed other than English.

In Settings > Language > (My language) > Options I have Download button below Speech, but this doesn't work since server is offline.

Is it possible to download speech language for offline installation?


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@waldemarbOk, some small progress - I think I need:

1. Feature on demand ISO

2. file from ISO

3. A way to install this cab file

@waldemarbCurrently I have 2 package files:


but I'm unable to install them by add-windowspackage or add-windowscapability:


add-windowspackage -online -packagepath "c:\sources\" -ignorecheck -loglevel "WarningsInfo"
WARNING: Failed to add package c:\sources\
WARNING: Add-WindowsPackage failed. Error code = 0x8024402c



add-windowscapability -Name Language.TextToSpeech~~~pl-PL~ -online -limitaccess -source c:\sources\
add-windowscapability : The source files could not be found.