Windows Admin Center - websocket support

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Using the Windows Admin Center through Azure application proxy is wonderfull and works amazing except Powershell, Events and RDP. 


This is a known issue with Websockets which is still in preview for the Azure Application Proxy. Is there anything known about when this will be fully available?


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Is there any update on this? This is a very interesting question.

I would also be interested in knowing if websocket will be supported with Azure App Proxy for Windows Admin Center.


Azure Active Directory Application Proxy frequently asked questions | Microsoft Docs says:

  • Features (Eventlogs, PowerShell and Remote Desktop Services) in the Windows Admin Center (WAC) do not work through Azure AD Application Proxy.


It doesn't mention if this is a "it'll never be supported" or if it's a "maybe one day"....



Thanks for your reply.


It's true it doesn't say it never gets supported however, this has been the status now for around 2 years if I'm not mistaken. I did find that websocket support is in preview, however this is since 2018 already.


Hoping someone from @microsoft can reply to this.