Windows Admin Center (WAC) 1809 HCI: Assign IP address to vm during creation

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Hello, when I try to create virtual machines via WAC in the HCI tool I can specify IP addresses for the VMs from earlier defined virtual networks. However after starting the VMs these IP addresses are never assigned / injected to the VM.

Version Infos:

  • Windows Server 2019 Datacenter Insider 17744 on all Cluster Nodes and SDN VMs
  • Windows Admin Center 1809 running either on Windows 10 (with Edge or Chrome) or on Server 2019 17744 with Chrome.

So, have I overseen something, is this an general issue or is this simply not yet implemented due to the preview state of the HCI tool?

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These issues typically are not Windows Admin Center related, but we will not know the actual root cause until we do some more investigation on the environment. There is lab online for SDN+Windows Admin Center, would you please have a try ? Visit - and search "SDN".