Windows Admin Center version 2110.2 generally available!

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With version 2110.2, you'll find:


  • Support for HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)
  • The ability to specify session duration time and also require manage-as sessions to reauthenticate after a set time.
  • Bug fixes
  • Extension updates

Read Windows Admin Center version 2110.2 is now generally available! for full details.


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Thank you for sharing.
Is there any list of bugs which have been fixed?

I have downloaded the tool from several locations and tried to install it in different environments and in all of them it gives me an error. something like:error applying the transformations. Check that the paths....


several windows 10, 11, server 2019, 2022, and in all of them it gives me the same error, and different people have verified it.
Thanks in advance.


@Heather Poulsen 

Me too, same error it doesn´t work in windows 10,windows 11, windows server 2019 desktop version an core version

In spanish? in english i can install... in spanish not



Same problem here. The msi installer fails with the transformations error. Operating system is  spanish windows 10 (clean install). Any help?


I have the same problem, have you been able to solve it?