Windows Admin Center version 2009 is now generally available!


Today we announce the general availability of Windows Admin Center version 2009, the latest version of our reimagined server management experience. In this release, we have made improvements across the product with new support for Azure Kubernetes Service on Azure Stack HCI. Note that this release is pronounced as “twenty oh-nine” in regard to this year and month, and not in reference to the year 2009. Read our blog for more information:


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@Prasidh_Arora Has 2009 removed the ability to live migrate VMs within a cluster? I can no longer see cluster roles in my 2019 Hyper-V cluster and the VM move option only allows for storage and and computer moves as if I was switching clusters. 

@mgilchrist1004 This might be a bug that we would want to address ASAP! Can you send me a personal message with more details and screenshots? I am able to live migrate within my cluster so I don't have a repro.

this might be a bug check it out ASAP
It was a long expecting from Microsoft. Finally launched Server New Admin Center. It's really awesome.

@Prasidh_Arora Hi There, I have installed Windows Admin center version 2009 and managing a 2016 cluster (4nodes). When I go to each node, under overview I see the performance graph (Network, CPU, Memory) but it only display it for last 60 secs. I had seen it in your Youtube video of Windows Admin center, where you can view the data for last 15mins,day,week, month and year etc. Kindly let me know. Thanks.

@Aayoosh_Moitro What tool are you using to view this data?

@Prasidh_Arora - Thank you for your response, I am using Overview Tool in Admin center 2009 . When I click on one of the cluster nodes, under Overview: I am seeing those performance graph. But it does not span more than 60secs. I was referring to one of your Youtube videos, where you showcased where it can show the performance graph for days/weeks/months etc. I am not getting this option on my Admin center overview Page. If I select the entire cluster, under overview I don't see ant graph at all. I am planning to leverage this tool to monitor other servers and cluster, hence I am testing all the features individually. PFB screenshot below.


I try wac every year or two = why is it never simple to install and get working and why do the instructions in documentation not work. I configured it in gateway on server core in HTTPS mode with a thumbprint of a cert my CA issued. Will it connect to a single domain joined server - nope. Is winRM configured on all of them with winrm quickconfig, yup, And don't get me started on what happens if you are logged on to a browser with a WhFB account and attempt to use pin or face to auth with gateway. I give up. Again. See you in another year i guess.

@Aayoosh It looks like you are looking at the Overview tool of a single server. In order to see performance graphs for days/weeks/months, you have to connect to the cluster itself in Windows Admin Center. On the landing page, go to Add > Cluster > Add and manage your cluster directly.

@alexbal I'm sorry to hear that and we are here to help. We have designed Windows Admin Center to be very easy to use so I'm sorry you are hitting issues. Take a look at this video to see if it helps:

Hi can anyone advise me whether one of the user having Windows 2008 server and bought 100 CALs, would he require to buy new sets of CALs if he upgrade the windows server to 2019 version..

This question is offtopic but the answer is yes if one does not hold an active Software Assurance on the CALs at time of first use with Windows Server 2019.

Means if one had an active CAL SA until end of 2020 and decide to upgrade one or all Windows Servers to Windows Server 2019 which would need the CALs on 1st of 2021 or even later > bad timing.
more information:
Check the licensing terms of the product at time of them being adopted.
There is a program and date picker.