windows admin center "RemoteException" in remote desktop connection

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hi guys

after upgrading my WAC from 1804 to 1809, i can not connect to managed server by remote desktop from WAC console.

i get this error: RemoteException: The extrinsic Method could not be executed..

what should i do ?


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We receive the same error whenever we connect to a server in WAC - even to go to the Overview.  It doesn't stop us from doing anything that we can tell so far, but is just annoying.  From other forums it sounds like one thing many of us have in common is that we disable Windows Defender on servers since we have another antivirus/malware tool.  I haven't seen any kind of a fix though.  1804.25 did not present this issue, 1809 does - even without having added the Windows Defender Preview module.

Thanks for letting us know that you still hit this without loading the Windows Defender Preview module.


I've reopened the bug, tracking it here:


I am new to WAC, just learned about it and i am trying it out.  I am running into this error as well when trying remote desktop from the tools on the left pane.


Windows Version 1803 Build 17134.286


WAC Version 1809
Build 1.1.1809.17002
Any updates on this issue??

hello dennis

unfortunately there is no new information.

I'm also having this issue on SOME of my server connections when I navigate to the Overview tab. However, functionality seems to be fine, and I do not receive this error anywhere else.


All of the servers reporting this are running fully patched Server 2016, domain joined. My 2012 R2 servers are working without the error.