Windows Admin Center Preview 1909 is now available!


This release contains incremental changes and quality improvements for the new functionality released in the preceding previews. 


This will be the last preview release in anticipation of the next generally available release of Windows Admin Center coming in the next two months.


See details about specific updates to Packetmon, and a couple visual changes in the official announcement here:

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Hi, is there any documents that says what needs to be done on a Windows server 2019 (domain controller active directory) in order to be managed by a Windows 10 that is outside of the domain?

@Jeff WoolslayerI have Admin Center installed in our dev/test and our production vlans, none of these will ever have internet access. Is there a way to download extensions offline and install them?

@Jeff Woolslayer 

Our server have Internet access but only via Proxy (without authentication). Couldn't get it to run with server system proxy ("netsh winhttp set proxy"). Should that work or is Windows Admin Center not proxy aware?

Hi @wbaeck, will you please tell us about the machine where you have WAC installed?


- Is it WS2016 or WS2019, or something else?

- Is it Sever with Desktop or Server Core?

@Jeff Woolslayer 


WAC is installed as Gateway on a Win 2016 Server (Desktop Mode) with latest security patches.


I'm able to manually download the extensions from our WAC Server with the described powershell script. ( - "Downloading packages with a PowerShell script"). But I had to add this to your mentioned script from Jon Galloway:

[Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = [Net.SecurityProtocolType]::Tls12