Windows Admin Center not working with LAPS

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I have LAPS set up successfully in my domain and use it often.


However, Windows Admin Center refuses to accept LAPS credentials to manage target nodes.


Sometimes WAC will accept LAPS credentials at first, then disconnect a few seconds later, other times it will return the error: "Your credentials didn't work - try again."


If I try to manually enter the LAPS credentials for the target node, I get "Your credentials didn't work - try again." I am 100% certain of the validity of the credentials, I can use them to administer the target node with no problems. WAC will just not accept them.


Any idea what's going on? I checked with another IT professional and they too have the same problem getting LAPS to work with WAC. Is LAPS integration broken?


Thank you.

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This is a common issue as you mentioned, It happened after I introduced my system admin and support guys, I thought the version of WAC and update patches caused this.


After latest update of WAC, AD Server and LAPS update everything synchronized and it was resolved though, I use the below info for my first troubleshooting.


Read more on LAPS requirement, version, uses and feature:

Download Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) from Official Microsoft Download Center

Open the collapse pages to see more. Also,

to "troubleshoot WAC"

Windows Admin Center Common Troubleshooting Steps | Microsoft Docs


Carefully go through to identify the cause of problem, update your PS and all the associated components.

Everything should be fine.