Windows Admin Center needs a Group Policy Extension for GPMC


That's one of the important things that is missing in WAC 1907. even if not as part of the main features, make it available as an extension to optionally install it whoever needs it. Then, Microsoft can expect people to move from RSAT to the new WAC.

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@HotCakeXJust installed WAC 2007 after getting a recommendation to use this new tool by microsoft instead of rsat. After all of the hoops to find out this has no GPeditor, quick uninstall.

Hopefully they will add this essential tool soon.

Fingers crossed lol


I've been running a domain of servers in core and using WAC to manage them. Low any behold today I was locked out because of the group policy for expired passwords which completely locked me out of all remote desktop sessions. I wasn't even able to reset the password from powershell and my only option was to connect to the only server with a GUI via logmein. If I didn't have that server, I wonder if I would have even been able to connect to active directory, which was running in a virtual machine.


Group policy administration in WAC is a must!


I wonder if there was any other way to connect back into the domain via core or powershell remotely without using RDP or WAC. I guess the BCM would have been the last resort.