Windows Admin Center deployment across sites

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We have multiple sites and looking to deploy Windows Admin Center. I understand that it can be deployed via script on a failover cluster - what would be the recommended topology to use for our 4 sites?


Site 1 - 120 VMs with 1Gbps connection to rest of sites

Site 2 - 400 VMs

SIte 3 - 400 VMs (there is 10Gbps OTV connection between sites 2 and 3

Site 4 - 20 VMs with 200MBps to rest


Are we looking at separate deployments in each site (I think I saw 500VM limit somewhere). Or is there a way to nest WAC deployments.


It seems overly complicated to disperse failover cluster nodes between sites etc.



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One gateway per site may be sufficient - there is no limit on the number of VMs you can add to your connection list.


WAC only connects to one node at a time, so the question of scale really only applies to the number of folks that will be using each WAC gateway concurrently. 


In our test automation, we typically have more than 50 simultaneous test cases running in parallel, which is equivalent to more than 50 concurrent users all performing management tasks through a single Windows Admin Center gateway at the same time. Our standard test gateway configuration is a VM with 2 virtual procs, 4 GB of RAM, 100 GB storage (non-SSD). With this configuration, we see an acceptable level of performance and response time through the gateway with no timeouts.