Windows Admin Center Can't Get Computer Information

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I am having a problem similar to this one where I installed Windows Admin Center, logged in via my browser on my desktop, and WAC can't get information about the host computer.


Whenever I try to visit things under Server Manager like "Services" I get errors like "Error Couldn't query the computer inventory". 


My setup is a little different than the example I used. My host named my computer so I have to access WAC via the server's IP address because is a website running on the source machine that I need to migrate to the destination machine. When my host asked me to give them a domain name  I just picked one that I planned to host with them. Right now is hosted elsewhere, so if WAC tries to query the address it will of course find a different machine.


Is there a way to make WAC search by IP address instead of domain?

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I tried configuring the DNS so that is accessible on the destination machine, but even when I access WAC on that machine I still get the same errors.