Windows Admin Center 2110 - Storage Migration Service (Missing Start Transfer button)

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Hi guys, testing out Storage Migration Service on the latest Windows Admin Center version 2110.


At the transfer phase, somehow the Start Transfer button to start the migration is missing.

Anyone else facing this? All validation is passed and tested on a few different VMs and its still showing the same.


Is this a bug, or am i missing something?


Refer to the picture. sms1-2110.PNGsms-2110.PNG

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Yes, i'm seeing the exact same thing.
The phase details also disappear after a couple seconds when you click the job name.

@Jarrod Picha 


Experiencing the same!


Start transfer button missing. Server 2019. Any work around?



Temporary workaround that i have found is at Windows Admin Center 2110, uninstall Storage Migration Service extension v2.6. Once uninstalled, you will have the option to install the older Windows Server Migration Service 1.1392 extension.


Using the older version, you can start the transfer. Just need to ignore the "update is for available extension" prompt. This seems to be a temporary workaround until there is a new update for the extension.

hi guys, update on this bug. The microsoft team has rolled out an update for the SMS extension.
When you click on Storage Migration Service on WAC, you will see an Update is available for extension prompt.
The latest version of extension should be version 2.6.1
Please go ahead and update it. Cheers.
This fixed the issue for me. Thanks!


Tried the newer 2.6.1 version and still seeing this occur...did the usual "clear browser cache" and still vanishes like my wife with the ATM card on  payday....anyone still seeing this?