When I log in, I see the servers in Windows Admin Center but no one else can?

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I added 30 servers to Windows Admin Center as a domain admin. When other Domain Admins log in, all they see is the gateway server. What the hell? I'm glad I had two other Domain Admins test before I shared the introduction of the new WAC with 30 other people. When the two others log in, they do not see the list of 30 servers on the front page like I do.

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Come on Microsoft! I thought Microsoft would be all over this with answers! I wonder how often they visit this community.

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@rtausch Hello. In order to have shared connections run on Windows Admin Center (WAC), WAC must be running on a server. Then, under "Setting", you will see the option for "Shared Connections". Read more here

Thank you Praror! That did the trick!