WAC takes precedence over RDWEB

Gregory Bragg
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I have a few 2019 servers set up in our lab for testing.  One of these is set up to act primarily as a terminal server, and I have RDWEB set up to allow for published apps.  After installing Windows Admin Center, RDWeb no longer works.  Instead of bringing you to the RDWEB page, it redirects to WAC.  Looking in IIS, I don't see any redirect specified on the default site, or the RDWEB site.  even after setting a redirect on the default web site, to point to RDWEB, it still always launches WAC.  


Normally, we do not do much testing with RDWEB.  The vast majority of our customers use Citrix for published apps.  The ones that don't, generally just launch a regular RDP session, but we do have a few customers that use RDWEB.  


What am I missing?  IIS is set up with only the Default Web site, and there is an app defined within that web site for both WAC and RDWEB.

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At this time, deploying Windows Admin Center on a machine that hosts other webservices is not a supported scenario. 


If you would like, please create a suggestion for this to be tracked.



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