WAC SMS Scan failing with Exception of type 'System.Exception' was thrown.

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We have 3 Win2008R2 servers to migrate. 3 new Win 2019 (1809) destination servers built and a new Win2019 (1809 Core) to act as the gateway server, with a Win10 PC (20H2) as a management station.


WAC (2009 build 1.2.2009.21002) and SMS (1.115.0) have been installed.


The Win2008R2 servers have had WMF 5.1 installed and are fully patched. I am using a domain admin account that is a member of the local admins on all servers.


I can go through the first part of the SMS setup, adding the hosts and performing the validation which completes successfully. The next stage, Scan, is where the issue is. It appears to wait for 20 secs or so and then reports "Exception of type 'System.Exception' was thrown." and goes no further. It does this with all 3 Win2008R2 servers. If I test 2019 to 2019 it works fine.


Windows Firewall is turned off on all profiles.


The only error logs I can find are on the destination server, event ID 2503 and 2509:


Job: ProfiletoFILV03
ID: 77f3669a-9051-XXXX-b7e1-6baadd23d03a
State: Failed
Error: 36934
Error Message: Inventory failed for all devices

Guidance: Check the detailed error and make sure the inventory requirements are met. The job couldn't inventory any of the specified source computers. This could be because the orchestrator computer couldn't reach it over the network, possibly due to a firewall rule or missing permissions.


Job: ProfiletoFILV03
Computer: XXXXXXXX.Domain.com
State: Failed
Error: -2146233088
Error Message:

Guidance: Check the detailed error and make sure the inventory requirements are met. The inventory couldn't determine any aspects of the specified source computer. This could be because of missing permissions or privileges on the source or a blocked firewall port.


Both of these imply Permissions, Firewall or simply missing. As stated, I'm using a Domain Admin account that is a member of the local administrators, the servers are all on the same subnet so no external firewall involved, Windows Firewall is switched off for all profiles, and we would have a much bigger issue if the file servers were dropping off the network.


Be grateful if anyone else can think of anything to help...



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