WAC Not displaying CPU or Memory usage correctly

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We are having an issue with our WAC gateway where all our Azure Stack HCI clusters CPU and Memory usage is 0 with a total of NaN%, also the servers do not display memory or CPU:



I cant seem to figure this issue out, not sure what I should do next.



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@David_Smith040 Same problem here. WAC in Client and Gateway Mode. Same Issue...

Did you find any solution?


Version: 2110.2 - Build: 1.3.2204.19002





Not yet I'm afraid, I have submitted the issue to WAC github page also, good to know I might not be the only one!

I might have to tweet at them next... I have even tried WAC from Azure also same issue.

Are you seeing this issue on a Azure Stack HCI Cluster? 

Yes, on a Azure Stack HCI (current release, not preview channel).