WAC Incorrectly reading RDMA keys

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I am currently testing the create cluster feature in WAC all is going well till I get to the configure RDMA I receive the following "RDMA isn't supported on your hardware because one or both of the following registry keys are missing from adapters: *NetworkDirect, *NetworkDirectTechnology".


I have checked the options and Enabled is set for NetworkDirect and ROCE v2 is set for NetworkDirectTechnology, I am using Mellanox Connect X 4 LX adapters, has anybody else run in to the same issue?


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So I found out what the issue was..

I had pre-configured the team for the management network so was selecting the teamed adapter during the creation process. It has transpired that because I am not letting WAC create the team it sees the the adapters as ones available so tries to check the RDMA keys which wont be present as they are only GB and not capable.

I have allowed the WAC process to create the management team this has completed and has been able to check/set RDMA as expected. It would be helpful if WAC would display which adapters have failed RDMA check as this would speed up diagnosis significantly.