WAC Gateway cannot access WinRM, but WAC Windows 10 Client can

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Maybe I am overlooking something in the WAC Gateway installation.

I am able to manage computers with WAC on Windows 10, but not on WAC Gateway.

The WinRM Service has both the IPs allowed, so do the firewall rules.


WAC Gateway gives the following error message when connecting to computers/server including itself.

Connecting to remote server COMPUTER_NAME failed with the following error message : WinRM cannot complete the operation. Verify that the specified computer name is valid, that the computer is accessible over the network, and that a firewall exception for the WinRM service is enabled and allows access from this computer. By default, the WinRM firewall exception for public profiles limits access to remote computers within the same local subnet. For more information, see the about_Remote_Troubleshooting Help topic.


WAC Gateway on Server 2019. Build: 1.2.1910.31005

WAC on Windows 10. Build: 1.2.1910.31005


Any thoughts?

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@Prasidh_Arora I can use PSRemoting to access the computes from the gateway.

@bmiddha Interesting. Can you share which build you are using? Could you also open developer tools (f12) and see if there are any errors under console that can help us diagnose the issue?

@Prasidh_Arora I am running the same build on WAC running on Windows 10 and WAC Gateway running on Server 2019.

Here is the requested information:



Dev Tools Error:



@bmiddha  Thank you! This is definitely a bug and we are hoping to get this fixed in the next release.