WAC behind F5 or NSX load balancer

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Instead of clustering, is it possible to place multiple Windows Admin Center - servers behind a F5 or NSX loadbalancer using a VIP-address and Round Robin? Due to expected load I need more servers but not more URL's
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Hi @Iwan vd MeerendonkUnfortunately, implementing multiple WAC servers behind an F5 or NSX load balancer using a VIP address and Round Robin distribution might not achieve the desired outcome due to the way cookies and the polling API function. If the load balancing mechanism doesn't handle each HTTPS packet individually but instead only redirects to another WAC server upon the failure of the current one, it could lead to issues. Specifically, when the switch happens, the last API call might fail, and there would be a need to establish new cookies. This process could disrupt the user experience by causing interruptions or inconsistencies during their session.


Hello Rebecca, thank you for the explanation. We'll find another to host the amount of users within WAC.
Sounds good! I hope this is a success