Using a nonstandard port to connect to a remote server

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I want to use WAC (windows admin center) to manage multiple servers on another network behind the router (all servers have one common external IP). WAC, in turn, uses WinRM with its standard port 5985.
On a remote router, I can forward this port to one server. How to connect to other servers? WAC does not allow using a non-standard port for outgoing connections. That is, specifying the server in the FQDN format: port does not work! How to be?

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Sounds like you'll need to install the Windows Admin Center on private network then setup an RDP / Team Viewer or other remote connection to WAC pc.



on server-core, is it possible to install windows admin center? And isn't it better to use the windows admin center installation in gateway mode?

@Dave Patrick's suggestion is correct - In this situation, you should set up the Windows Admin Center gateway behind the router. Then you'll only forward port 443 (or a custom port for the WAC web UI) to the gateway, and it wil be able to reach all the peer machines.