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how could I update windows admin center, every time I login I have info that new version is available and scheduled to perform update on specified date and time, but when I login after this date I have still the same information about update. If I go to setting and updates and schedule update in 30 minutes, and login after this 30 minutes my windows admin center is still not updated.

My version (1.3.2103.01006)

New version (1.3.2105.24004)

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Hi @Tutek1025 ,

check out this article and give me a feeback if it worked:

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I don't have any restart option my update scheduler have only this options, but no matter what time is scheduled this update do not install

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ok my problem is resolved, I had to run windows admin center and schedule update from administrator account, not from user account.
Even if I run windows admin center as admin but logged as standard user this didn't work.

omg xD well played :D
ofc, you always need administrator to perform restarts etc.
I'm happy that you found a solution :)

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