Unable to update/uninstall/upgrade WAC 1809

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I have WAC 1809 (V1.1.28771.0) installed on Server 2019.


It is not possible to uninstall/upgrade to a new WAC version. I always get the error message:


1: Ausnahmefehler: System. NullReferenceException

Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt.


Server 2019 is fully patched. While checking Updates, I noticed that there are multiple reports of "successful installation of WAC 1809.5.1"


See attached screenshots


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@altanis IT will help to know how are you initiating this. Do you also get the error when uninstalling from the App & Features settings? What happens when you trying to install the current GA (1904.1) or Preview (1909)?