Unable to supply static IP during cutover using storage migration service

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I am on the third phase of the Storage Migration Service.  The second step is to configure the cutover from server A(source) to server B(destination).  The network settings of server A are correctly identified.  The network settings of server B are correctly identified.  I have the option to use DHCP or supply a new IP address of the source server after the cutover.


If I choose DHCP the "Next" button at the bottom of the page becomes active and I can continue.


**If I choose instead to supply static IP address information the "Next" button at the bottom of the page will not become active and I am stuck not being able to continue.**  I tried typing in the Source IP address, no luck.  I tried typing in the destination address, no luck, (was hoping it would throw an error.)   I have tried using three other different addresses, no luck.  No errors, just the "Next" key will not become active allowing me to move forward.


Is there a problem in the wizard?






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Hi. Well, it sure sounds like it! Can you tell me the version of the SMS extension you are using in Windows Admin Center? It can be founder under Settings > Extensions > Installed Extensions (ignore the version here in my example, it's just a random internal buildvxcvxcvcx.png

Ok, let me see if we know about this already or can repro. I don't recall this being a known bug. 

Yah, this is a bug we fixed recently but haven't shipped. Talking now about when we might throw out a preview package.

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OK, it's fixed. :) You will see an updated SMS Extension available in Settings > Extensions of WAC in an hour or two. Install that and you are back in business.


Thanks again for reporting this, and happy holidays,



I can confirm that I am able to now supply a static IP address and the "Next" button becomes active.  Unfortunately, this broke the "Rename the source device after cutover" section.  If you select the radio button for "Choose a new name for source computer" the input box is grayed out and the "Next" button is not active.


Thanks for fixing the first problem.