Unable to create cluster in WAC

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I have set up servers with everything needed to set up a Windows HCI setup. Each server has Windows Server 2022 Datacentre Core installed.


When I go through the cluster creation process in WAC (2211, with all updates to extensions installed), I get to the networking stage, where it checks the network adapters and then I cannot get any further. For every server, it lists the network adapters, but marks all the connected ones as "Up (Excluded)" and it won't let me include them.



The Management interface is the only one with an IP (else the cluster tool would have no way to connect). That is a static IP, with DNS setup and default gateway. Nothing else is configured.


I am at a loss as to how to remedy this. Please can someone advise? Thanks

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I had the same issue now at creating a cluster with WAC, also Datacenter 2022 core.

My solution to this issue was using WAC installed on a notebook with Windows 11 (22H2) on my first try with WAC installed under Windows 10 (22H2) I always got this UP (Excluded)

WAC ist on both installations 2211 with all updated extensions.

Domain user was the same on both installations.