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I have a management application and every day  I have to make a backup with the software provided. The backup is done on a NAS disk ( SMB ) . If I launch the program manually , it runs correctly and I find my backup file on the NAS.
If I run the program from the task scheduler, nothing happens.

If I change the destination of the backup to put  the file on the server disk, the creation is done well from the task scheduler.
I then have to copy the file manually from the server to the NAS.
But if I put the file copy bat in a scheduled task the copy is not done...
In short, everything works fine if I manually run the commands, but as soon as commands are integrated into the task scheduler, the NAS disk is inaccessible. I had the problem with windows 2012 server, I have the same problem with windows 2019. The task is launched with a administrator user.

Nothing happens and the task is stopped at the end of the time limit.





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Hi phil59223,

Can you please provide your script and a printscreen of the triggers, actions, conditions and settings tabs?

For troubleshooting purposes, can you try running the task with the user account:


- a user that has (full control) permissions to the share

I Mathieu,
Here is the content of the GacecaSauve .bat 
Call D:\aclcewin\aclcewin6\fic\gaceca\Taches\ACL_CTRL.exe /AUTO
(No problem when I lauch it out of the TS)
And here is the printscreen :

Thanks for your help