Storage Migration Services

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  I'm looking to use Storage Migration Services to move my file server from a 2012 R2 Server to a new 2022 Server.  I was just wondering does this file transfer have to take place during a time when no one will be accessing the files on this server? 


I ask because I need to transfer approximately 1.33 TB of data and I'm guessing that is going to take some time, perhaps more than a weekend, the amount of time I can restrict access to that data.  Seeing as how this is our main file server it is being used daily during the week so unless I plan for an extended weekend/holiday to do the transfer I'm locked down to 2 days max.

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@JchmuraFTI you can do that using the storage migration service in the windows admin center.
please refer to the below link that shows you the steps required


I could not find the answer I was looking for anywhere but the page you posted shows that there is an option labeled "Transfer again, copying only files that were updated since the last transfer."  I think that would work in my situation.  I will have to test it and see to be sure.


It wasn't referenced anywhere in the videos I watched about it, and a lot of this tool talks about cloud or Azure syncing but tends to leave out the bare metal users, Thanks.