Storage Migration Services Issue with scanning and validation

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Here's my setup:

Source server:  Win 2008 R2 that has 5 shares on it (all from the same drive - D Drive).  This is my AD and DC and DNS server.

Destination server:  Win 2019 Std.  This is my secondary AD/DC/DNS.  I have Windows Admin Center with Storage Migration Services setup.


Both computers have 100% of their updates installed.


During the project setup for Storage Migration Services - I'm adding and scanning a device (my 2008 R2 server).  The scan goes fine, but the state will eventually tell me "Couldn't inventory some devices" - which is strange.  I only have 1 device.  Maybe it's talking about some folders.


When I'm finally at the Transfer Data stage - validate devices:  the validation fails with this message:


Fail: Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component.
All the other validations pass.
If I attempt to start the transfer, I get this error:


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@steve02a I got hit with this issue as well. Expected to be fixed by upgrading to a newer version of WAC.


More info: