Storage Migration Services cutover stuck at 91%

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I'm using the Storage Migration Services to move an on prem 2012 R2 server to an Azure hosted 2019 server.

I've successfully done the first two steps and I'm doing the cutover and the cutover process has been hung at 91% for several hours.

I've confirmed that the new destination server has been successfully been renamed and that the old source has also been renamed.  I can successfully ping and connect (RDP) to both servers.  But the cutover process is still hung.

I checked the event logs in the Storage Migration Services and I see this message logged over and over:

12/19/2022-15:25:53.777 [Info] GetResponseFromHost(fsserver01) returned status: 5. Is reachable: False [d:\os\src\base\dms\proxy\cutover\cutoverproxy\CutoverUtils.cs::IsHostReachable::640]

But I'm able to successfully connect to the fsserver01 server with no issues.

Is there anything I can do to have the Storage Migration Service complete the cutover?



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