Storage Migration Service Transfer and Error Log

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Storage Migration service looks great and I'm excited to have an alternative to robocopy! That said I'm having an issue downloading the error logs or transfer log all together for that matter. At first the issue notes pointed to firewall or the SMS timeouts so I went ahead and adjusted them per other posts. Here's what was done...


  1. Edit "C:\Windows\SMS\Microsoft.StorageMigration.Service.exe.config" and change the sendTimeout from 1 to 10 minutes.



                 <binding name="NetTcpBindingSms"


  2. Add the following registry key to change the WCF client timeout from 1 to 10 minutes as well.

    reg add HKLM\Software\Microsoft\SMSPowershell /v WcfOperationTimeoutInMinutes /t REG_DWORD /d 10

  3. Restart the SMS services on the orchestrator server.


Now the issue I'm having is and error message stating...

$jobname : Transfer log : ajax error 404



Has anyone else encountered this? I have 22 files that failed to transfer and I'm trying to track down what happened, or at least what files they are. I can't seem to find that information anywhere and I'm hoping I can find it in the Error log.

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Hi. 404 error is that you don't have SMB port 445 open on your orchestrator machine, outbound. This is how Windows Admin Center downloads files and its a WAC error, not an SMS error that I can control, unfortunately. I'll make sure to update our docs to cover it; though the guide says to open that port, I forgot to include the error in case you forgot to set it!


Ned Pyle | Principal Program Manager, MS | @nerdpyle on twitter

@Ned Pyle i have this issue.  I have just done a transfer of a 1.9 TB drive with just over 2 million files on but have 18 files that have failed and really need to know which ones.  I can download the Transfer log/Migrated users log/Migrated groups log but the Error log fails with the error:


Ensure port TCP/445 (SMB File and Print Sharing) is open on the orchestrator server.  The error was:  [0x8000] Unknown service error.


I have rebooted the Orchestrator server, turned the Windows Defender Firewall off (there is no other firewall), I have increased the NetTcpBindingSms Time out to 10 minutes as others have suggested.  But none of these have worked.  Please could you help me get the log so I can find what the missing 18 files are.


Also when downloading the Transfer log it doesn't appear to have all 2 million files within, it is only showing the files from one of the shares and not all the shares that have been migrated, how do I download all files log?