Storage Migration Service - Source has one Volume, Destination has Two

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How do I split up the destination into multiple volumes?  The source only has one volume but the destination has two.  But in the Storage Migration Service Wizard in Windows Admin Center, I seem to only have ONE choice for Volumes as the destination.

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You shouldn't have to choose, just map the drive you want and ignore the other. Is it not letting you proceed?

So my source server is an old physical 2008 R2 server with one huge 7TB volume across a RAID 5 array.  It was a ton of SMB fileshares.


My destination server is a 2019 VM server with 2 3TB VHD's.  So I need to split up the volumes accross two volumes on the destination.  


But it seems my only option is to do 1-to-1 volume mappings.  Storage Migration Service is not showing an option choose which of the two volumes (on the 2019 destination serer) my various shares can split across.  


So is there a may to do this that I am missing?  Or should I reconfigure my VHD's to make just one big volume like the physical source server had?

Correct, we currently only support one-to-one volume mapping. You'll need to either pick one or just make one big one.