Storage Migration Service Proxy fails to register

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I'm investigating the Storage Migration Service in Windows Admin Center as an option to migrate off a Server 2012 file server. I have WAC and the services set up in a test environment and I'm running into an issue trying to get the destination proxy registered on the orchestration server. The account I'm using is a local admin on three servers involved and the firewall rules are open as required.


It fails to verify via WAC SMS interface ("Warning: The destination proxy wasn't found."), so I've dropped down to Powershell and using this command for testing:

Register-SmsProxy -ComputerName <destination FQDN> -force

This returns:

Register-SmsProxy : Make sure the proxy service is installed and running, and then try again. The proxy isn't
currently available.

 The debug event logs on the destination has 1 successful registration of the orchestrator host as orchestrator, then there are 2 errors with 'Access Denied' and a socket connection timeout. On the orchestrator server, the admin log for the StorageMigration service show "Couldn't register the proxy, access is denied." and the debug log shows "CreateJob request failed, Access is denied"


Any suggestions for further troubleshooting or what I might be missing in the configuration?


Test/Lab Environment:

WAC/Orchestration server is Server 2019 with all updates, Storage migration service installed

Source server is Server 2019 with all updates

Destination server is Server 2019 with all updates, Storage Migration and Storage Migration Service Proxy service installed

WAC is v2103.2, Storage Migration Service extension is v1.143.0.

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Posting the solution to my own problem:

The orchestrator server machine account needed to explicitly be a member of the local admins group on the destination server. Then the proxy was found on the destination server and it was used.