Storage Migration Service - Procedure Clarifications

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Hi all,

Some SMS procedure clarifications.

We have an old file server on a physical 2008R2 server that we have to migrate ASAP.

This old server uses also FSRM for quotas and screening and contains about 5.5TB in 5.5 Million files 

The plan is to migrate it with SMS to server 2022 on our Hyper-V infrastructure.


Yesterday I've installed the SMS service on our management server (Server 2019) that runs the WAC service and started the inventory on the old File server.


My questions that need clarifications:

* Is there recommended maximum time i need to move between the 3 stages - Scan old server, Transfer Data, Cutoff?

* If I've done yesterday the scan on my old server and planning to do the transfer only in about 2 weeks - what about the files and permissions that will change in this period of time? do i need to run a new scan on my old server near the date I'm going to do the actual transfer? should i delete or clear something from the previous scan? (The scan took about 5 hours).

* I understand that the process of the transfer takes care of changes that were made to the scanned file from the last scan done.

* I plan to add the FSRM role to the new server and after the cutoff stage to import the FSRM settings from the old server to the new one using dirquota & filescrn - is that the way to do it? shall it work on server 2022 FSRM?


Appreciate any suggestions and clarification to the migration process.




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