storage migration service not visible in windows admin centre

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Hello. Wanting to evaluate Windows Server 2022 Standard, WAC and SMS.

WAC is installed as a gateway on the evaluation version of Windows Server 2022.

WAC version 2306 Build 1.5.2306.14001.

SMS extension 2.32.0 is installed in the WAC.

SMS feature is installed on the Windows Server 2022 evaluation and service is running.

SMB-In firewall rule is enabled as per SMS requirements.


SMS Known Issues page says this was an issue with Windows Server 2019 evaluation versions but was fixed in more recent versions of Windows Server.


Storage Migration Service known issues | Microsoft Learn


I'm presuming that Known Issues page is wrong and SMS is still blocked for eval versions of Windows Server but thought I'd ask here in the meantime. Has anyone successfully run SMS on an evaluation version of Windows Server 2022?



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