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Hi all,


I've got SMS working in my lab to test functionality. I've successfully migrated from a 2008 R2 to 2019 - files and shares are all A-OK and cutover reported all complete with no errors.


It all looks good, but my understanding is the destination computer should also take on the source machines IP address, For example, the source file server has an IP of and the destination server IP is During cutover, the original should be given a whole new IP (Either assigned statically or via DHCP) and the destination then given at the same time it is renamed, yes?


I think I saw this happen in in the Ignite video, but unless I'm missing something obvious I can't get this to work.


I'm on 1.57.0 of the extension and using the VL ISO of 2019 for orchestrator and destination server if that makes any odds.


Any advice greatly appreciated!



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@HidMov Hi. If it's not working it would be a bug - it should work exactly like you understand it and how I demonstrate it; when cutover completes, the destination server should have all the source machine's IPs. If the event logs don't have a clear error, you will need to open an MS Support case and provide them with logs. I'm not allowed to accept them here due to MS GDPR privacy and retention rules, it has to go through our trusted support org before I can see them.



Thanks for the clarification. I'll recheck the event logs for anything obvious and get a report raised in the feedback hub if nothing jumps out. 




@HidMov Cool, please let keep me in the loop. We've not had any reports of this, I am very interested. 

Thanks @NedPyle - tried it again with new servers to make sure I started from a clean slate but still found the same issue. I've reported it in the feedback hub with info + logs.


To be honest I'm inclined to think it's down to my lab environment/general dimwittedness if this hasn't been seen elsewhere =)




@HidMov No worries, even if it's us not handling your environment, that means we need to handle your environment :)


Do you have the feedback bug # or IDs they provided you? I can make sure we don't miss it. If you're worried about providing here, feel free to email it to me,