Storage migration Service - inventory not showing all volumes

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I'm trying to migrate a windows 2008r2 file server cluster to a windows 2019 cluster. The inventory of the 2008 cluster shows only one volume of the 10 volumes. In the share list all the shares from all volumes are listed. 

Because there is only one volume in the inventory  I'm not able to migrate the other volumes . 


Any ideas .....

Thank You



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@frank blonk Hi Frank.

Did you have fix that error. I have a same problem and still don't find a solution.
Can you share a solution for me.

Thank you very much

Hi Tao ,
No , I did not find a way to fix that error. I connected the virtual disk to a new server and copied the server roles to the new server.


@frank blonk 

Oh, i know that solution. But i don't see any public document of MS when copy cluster role from 2008R2 to 2019.
Thank you for sharing