Storage Migration Service failing Validation during cutover

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I'm trying to run Storage Migration Service to migrate our Server 2012 (Source) to Server 2019 (Destination). We are using another instance of Server 2019 as an orchestrator. It gave the following warning during transfer validation but it made it through the transfer with no issues: 

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@jeffp1221 Hi. From the orchestrator computer, can you logon as the account you are using for source migration, run COMPMGMT.MSC, connect to the source computer with it, and try to create a test local user and add to the local administrators group?

@NedPyle  Has anyone sorted this out?


I did the following it I was able to add a test user and add it to the administrator group but still no good.



@asseebos Hi. No one ever responded. I recommend you open a support case so we can look at logs. 

I am struggling with this exact same issue right now. Would love to know if you ever did find a fix
Hi. No one has opened a support on this afaik, and we cannot reproduce the issue here, please open a case and if the support folks don't have a rapid answer, DM me so I can look at data with them. You can gather logs for them at, running that on the orchestrator machine.

@NedPyle Yes I can connect to the remote server and create a new user as described


Was this issue ever addressed? I am having the same issue now. failing at cutover validation. same location. logged in with my admin account on all three boxes. orchestrator, source and destination.

@gregw2381 Thanks for the reply. 

I should have returned at the time but at this point the details are fuzzy. I was able to resolve the issues and get the file server migrated and it ended up working perfectly. I know it took a few tries, and I ended up going straight from the Old System to the New System, there were instructions that I was using that had the option for an intermediate/proxy server, but I believe that's where the problem was that caused it to fail.